The largest and hence most diverse island of the Cyclades, right in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Its rich cultural heritage and traditions of the past continue to thrive attracting the travellers’ attention. Naxos is about the lively link between man and art, from the first marble statuettes of the Proto-Cycladic period (3200-2000 BC) to the numerous crafts such as weaving, wood carving and iconography along with the traditional songs, dances and local customs. The island is of great natural beauty and is ideal for exploration due to its large number of different beaches –from popular to secret– its imposing mountains, its fertile valleys and its large number of historical sites, ancient temples, picturesque churches, towers and forts. On the top of the Hora, visitors find the Castle town of Kastropoliteia, built by the Venetian conqueror Marco Sanoudos as his palace. The visitors have the chance to walk amongst humble folk houses and old restored Venetian mansions showcasing the typical interior décor of the past with art pieces from the conquerors' residencies.

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