Our clients have come to appreciate our signature style known for the most out-of-the-ordinary experiential activities for any type of travel, carefully monitored to answer your specific requirements and create magic.

Comfortable, relaxed and stress-free land, sea, rail & air transportations throughout each trip, realized by our exclusively owned motor coaches, minivans, limousines, automobiles and ship vessels or via the services of our collaborating networks.

Tour Guides
Our team consists of highly experienced professional tour guides, able and eager to go out of their way and provide the most informative and creative commentaries, focusing on customer care and interactivity. They are all proud ambassadors of Greece’s essence, determined to excite their guests and guide them through an authentic “adventure of knowledge”.

The Warmest Welcome
Greek hospitality at its best. It is in our nature to welcome and treat our guests smoothly in the friendliest and most professional and timely manner from the moment we meet them till our final goodbyes. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so we make it our mission to win our guests over with the most pleasant reception.

Our wide and trusted network of unique hotels, located either centrally or remotely, adds value to each trip ensuring the highest level of accommodation and amenities in Greece at the lowest possible rates. We have the right hotel for each demand whether the brief asks for a 4-star, a 5-star, a small, a large, a boutique, a chain or a large resort hotel.

Logistics and Crisis Management
Universal Travel DMC operates seamlessly allowing the smoothest and most fine-tuned trip. Our behind-the-scenes logistics experts are characterized by their unmatched detailed and choreographed work dealing efficiently with the unexpected for more than half a century.

Events with Unique Character
We are dedicated to making the impossible possible and provide exciting and memorable experiences especially designed to amaze the luxury connoisseurs no matter how demanding the occasion. Invest in our inventiveness and our insightful work for a truly delightful creative outcome that will surprise even the most well-travelled citizens of the world.

Cruise and Yacht Sailings
The Greek islands are cherished for their distinctive beauty, their rich history and the warmest of people. We provide unique sailing vessels available for tailored Mediterranean cruise charters – from various capacity private yachts to multiple tall ships – complete with state-of-the-art accommodation and recreational areas, expert staff and diverse choice of entertainment with a 1:2 crew to passenger ratio.

Exclusive Greek Experiences
Our competitive advantage is our “inside” connections that help us make a difference while sharing the best-kept secrets of authentic Greece.

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