The iconic volcanic island of Santorini, is the “Lost Atlantis” of the Cyclades, renowned for its half-moon shaped caldera which was created by a great eruption around 1600B.C. An island-phenomenon, immortalized by poets and painters for its breathtaking beauty, the glorious light, the black & white natural contrasts, the unique steep cliffs, the one-of-a-kind black and red beaches and of course the picture-perfect sunsets. Santorini is exceptionally loved for its local gastronomy, the special local wine varieties and its overall cosmopolitan air one can experience in the numerous iconic cliff-side restaurants and bars –lots of which enjoy worldwide fame. Amongst a wide variety of activities, exploring the beautiful cliff-side towns of Oia and Fira, visiting the Minoan Bronze Age site of Akrotiri, cruising the volcanic caldera or even browsing the many artistic shops of the island are all experiences not to be missed.

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